Large Landscaped Gardens

Design . . . Transform . . . Enjoy!

Garden  Around A Pool

Beauty Once Seen Is Never Lost

A garden is an ongoing project that is never really completely finished. You have to keep working at it, developing here and improving there, making changes where necessary and bringing new ideas into play.

Once the garden is more established, then you can branch out and go for splashes of one colour or stick to whites and so on.

But while the garden is still a bit sparse, with not enough plants and some still too immature, then colour is what gives your new garden a bit of character.

And then keep working at it . . . go and look at other gardens, get good advice from experienced gardeners and keep an opem mind when it comes to new ideas. 

Remember, you can combine any of the exotic trees with the water-wise indigenous trees. It's a matter of planting the right tree in the right place.

A large garden allows for the concept of gardening rooms, each with its own mood or screened one from the other, yet blending perfectly into the whole. This creates an element of surprise which is always present in the garden design. 

Using Stairs

Ultimately, the end result of a well designed large garden transforms into a magnificent, colourful oasis that exudes a tangible atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Rose Garden
Garden Around A Tree
Newly Landscaped Large Garden