Colourful Summer Garden

The Earth Laughs In Flowers!

Summer Garden

Summer . . .

. . . the very word has a drowsy sound, reminiscent of the humming of bees, the chrping of birds in the birdpath, the scent of flowers and the sun's heat beating down on the earth.

Whatever the climate conditions, summer in the garden is the time when the months of planning and planting should come to fruition and reward you with a glorious bouquet.

You can fill your garden with a rainbow of colours for a wild garden look or plant big blocks of one colour in each flower bed to make an impact.

Beat the heat by creating a few shaded spots by planting trees as an attractive and natural way to cool down your garden. 

A water feature or fountain in the garden will have a soothing and cooling effect – and will attract birds and other small animals.

Alas, if the roses are in their vigorous prime, so too are weeds and insects, while grass and hedges grow almost visibly. When no rain falls, keeping plants watered becomes a constant preoccupation.

But though summer in the garden may be a time of thriving, it is also one of beauty, when summer rain falls with a special sparkle and bright flowers glow in the sun.

Whatever its drawbacks, summer is, indeed, the gardener's most fulfilling season.

Summer Garden
Summer Garden
Summer Garden