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Water is important in the garden as it adds another dimension to the overall aspect and feel of the garden. There is nothing more mind-relaxing than sitting down beside a waterfall, fountain or pond. It adds sound, brings birds and tranquility. Beautiful natural rock water features can either be a focal point or liven up a dead area of the garden.

Many natural rock water features are installed in garden design and landscaping. They can be large or small, depending on the scale of the property and are low in maintenance. The four basic categories of water features are ponds, fountains, waterfalls and streams. A water feature can be as simple as a small reflecting pool or as elaborate as a waterfall cascading into a fish pond with a fountain.

They can be viewed as focal points in a garden or placed in a quiet secluded area. They can also be installed in small cluster gardens, creating new interesting aspects to enjoy. The water in natural rock water features is circulated through natural bio – filters that keep the water clean, clear and are child friendly.

Ponds and fountains can be used as a natural habitat for fish and pond plants can be used as natural decorations. During hot summer days, water can cool down your plants too. Consider updating your pond by adding a waterfall. If you’re concerned about safety issues associated with a traditional pond, a cascading waterfall is a great option. Enjoy a beautiful fountain anywhere in your garden built into a ceramic pot. These are great on patios and decks too! A rock water feature is natural looking and very close to nature. Elegant slate products can be used in modern or contemporary gardens.

The choices you have of the type of water feature you want are endless. You’ll certainly find one that suits your garden.

Natural Rock Water Feature
Waterfall With Pots
Natural Rock Water Feature