Garden Patios

Transform Your Outdoor Living Space!

After Landscaping

A Private Sanctuary to Sit Back, Relax and Commune with Nature

A garden patio is a restful retreat in which to get away from it all and be at peace with oneself and the universe.

Whether it’s a space adjacent to the house, or a balcony, deck, rooftop, enclosed courtyard, or secluded spot in a far corner of the garden, the plants in and around patio areas are essential to the ambiance. Since this is where we are able to appreciate our plants up close and personal, as it were, the patio is also a great place to incorporate those with scented flowers or foliage.

Accessories play an important part in making a garden patio, because you are creating an outdoor room where you can unwind, relax and spend memorable hours alone, or with family and friends.

A small pond enhances the sense of peace in the patio area, and many of the different water lily species give off a delicate fragrance. A wall is often an integral part of the patio design and can be embellished with a classic feature such as a plaster mask spouting water into a series of bowls in a waterfall effect.

From a gazebo to a birdbath to the paving stones, and from trellisses and lattice work to containers and pots in a variety of sizes and finishes, the right accessories provide the perfect finish that makes your patio unique and special.

Garden Patio
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