Seasonal Garden Maintenance

Complete Care for ALL Your Garden's Needs

Seasonal Garden Care

Year-round Care for Your Garden

Your garden has four distinct seasons of growth and rest, and so does garden maintenance. Therefore, what needs to be done depends on the time of year.

Our comprehensive seasonal garden maintenance services will ensure your garden looks beautiful throughout Summer and/or Winter. We will prepare your garden for the season by . . .


  • Trimming of all edges, around tree rings and pathways.
  • Creating a distinct and clean line between lawn and garden beds.


Pruning is one of the most important gardening tasks for end of winter because it removes barriers to new growth and promotes overall good health for the tree or shrub. We will . . .

  • Remove any dead or damaged branches from trees, shrubs and perennials.
  • Remove any spent flowers from trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals.
  • Shape as required of trees and shrubs.


  • Compost mixed with the soil alters and enhances its physical properties.

Planting Your Seasonal Colour

Late winter is the time to start looking forward to spring and all its promise. The preparation of soils and planting appropriate seasonal plants is a recipe for success. End of winter garden maintenance can help propel the growing season.

Correct planting makes the difference to the health and flourishing of your garden. We use colour a lot. Colour is important, it revives your soul, gives meaning to the vibrancy of your summers with its bright display. It makes you want to enjoy your summer sitting on the lawn watching the kids play, entertaining friends and family or just relaxing in a happy, cheerful place.

Why do you need a seasonal garden maintenance service? Most clients find that they can maintain their gardens on a weekly basis, but require seasonal maintenance for more intense gardening tasks. 

Our service helps ensure that your garden continues to flourish long after its original installation.
In this way, you get to thoroughly enjoy your garden.