Small Landscaped Garden

Small Landscaped Gardens Are Our Specialty . . .  Not a Sideline!

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A growing trend is to downscale to clusters, townhouses, apartments and large complexes with multiple living. This is obviously due to concerns about security, costs of maintaining large properties and more people wanting a “lock up and go” lifestyle.

A small landscaped garden does not have to be restricted to straight neat lines that can even make it seem smaller and cramped. Curves in the form of stone walkways or curved flower beds in small gardens create flow or motion and the illusion of more space. Different colours, sizes, shapes and textures of plants can actually make a garden look more spacious.

Small garden designs with diagonal elements give the illusion of larger area, as the eye moves from corner to corner. Fences and walls can also provide areas for hanging plants. Climbing vines on a trellis and ornamental grasses can soften boundaries while offering year-round appeal.

Whether dealing with a long narrow space or a cramped area that lacks privacy, it could be an incredible garden with the right design .

It’s essential that a small garden is landscaped correctly with the right varieties of trees and shrubs suitable for small spaces. For example, it’s not sensible to have an oak tree planted in a small space!

Landscaping for a small garden needs to be balanced by laying out the right mix of suitable plants preventing over-crowding, yet still being an attractive garden.

If you only have a balcony, as your outside space, the clever use of pots can make it an enjoyable place to be.

Adding paving, lawn and container plantings gives visual interest to a small garden so that you hardly notice the size of the space.

Small Landscaped Garden

Ultimately, designing a small garden is just as imaginative as and sometimes even more mysterious than a large garden. You do not need acres of grass and vast open spaces to create a welcoming, beautiful space.

Small Garden
Small Landscaped Garden
Small Landscaped Garden