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Garden PlantersGarden containers, flower pots and planters are an attractive and very practical way of decorating your garden, patio or conservatory and a little bit of imagination can work wonders.

One problem with gardening nowadays is that many people have little or no backyard. This is why there are garden pots. These containers are available in a wide range of shapes, colours and sizes. Flower pots and window boxes allow you to grow plants even if you have no backyard or open space for gardening. Home gardening has never been easier with the availability of plants that can be placed indoors and outdoors.

There are many reasons for growing plants in garden containers. An obvious one is if you are growing exotic plants that can be placed outdoors in summer in a location that suits each plant, and then taken indoors or into a more shaded spot in autumn and winter.

People who rent their homes can grow their own plants that can move with them. Plants grown in garden containers are portable and to many people this is a big advantage, rather than the plants being in fixed positions. Using containers and flower pots it is possible to plant a whole garden that can be rearranged to suit the flowering patterns of the plants.

They are also very convenient for people who live in mobile homes. Many people use containers for window ledges and balconies, and if you have decking, then deck rail planters are an attractive means of hanging plants from the handrails.

Container gardening and garden planters are an attractive and inviting way to add interest to your outdoor areas. Outdoor garden decorating is “in” right now – it is the hottest design trend going. There are diverse ways you can add your own personality to your outdoor design space. One of the easiest is to use decorative planters for your garden.

With more and more people spending time indoors working, there’s the desire to return to the outdoors. Even if you live in the city, you can bring the outdoors to your home with garden planters. Gone are the days when the plant containers were looking rather simple and unappealing. Now beautiful planters are adorning gardens.

Garden PotsYou can have style and functionality and the pleasure of growing your own herbs or food in vegetable planters. They are available in various sizes, shapes and styles – circular, rectangular or square, but the best ones are made of terracotta (breathable fired clay which enables oxygen to reach the roots of the plant). Plastic plant containers, planter boxes, ceramic plant containers and even daily things such as concrete blocks, boots or dishes also are excellent and eye-catching plant containers. You can likewise make use of wooden barrels or wire baskets lined with moss.

They balance the space in your garden. Garden planters are perfect indoors and out making it possible to plant shrubs or blossoms anywhere. To be able to get the most out of your garden planters, you’ve got to decide on the planter that would best suit your style and your pot must fit the blossoms you would like to grow.

While this all sounds like a very good reason for using nothing but pots and planters, there are certain aspects using them that must be considered. Their root growth is restricted and you have to know which plants are suitable for this type of environment. You should also consider the overall look of your garden and the shape and colour of your pots and planters.

Potted plants are totally dependent on you for their nutrition and water, keep in mind that earthenware pots and planters dry out very quickly, and so need a lot of watering.

Garden planters do a lot more for plants than simply giving a beautiful setting for them to grow in. The right planter garden potscould help your plant’s growth cycle as well as lifespan. More and more people are enjoying the benefits and joys of container gardening to spruce up their outdoor space with updated planters in a variety of textures as well as finishes.

If you enjoy having fresh flowers year round or are just short on space, then garden planters are right up your alley. Free-standing, mounted or attached to window sills, these miniature gardens are moveable and can be arranged to suit your needs. Better yet, planters are made from a variety of materials, so you can choose one which works and looks best in or outside of your home.

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